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Victor Barros – Meet the Mentor

Driven by a passion for democratizing learning and fostering entrepreneurship, I've co-founded startups and hold key roles at Gringo and Eskolare. Actively engaged in São Paulo's Entrepreneurs' Organization, my goal is to create lasting positive impact.
Victor Barros

Founder, Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor, Gringo, Eskolare

Why did you decide to become a mentor?
Becoming a mentor was a way to give back, a reflection of my personal mission to foster positive change in people’s lives and the world at large. It’s also an opportunity for me to continue my own learning and development, especially through the sharing of experiences. I believe in assisting other entrepreneurs and professionals to learn from my missteps and triumphs, thereby influencing their decisions in a positive way.

How did you get your career start?
Believe it or not, I started as a programmer when I was just 10 years old. The early part of my career was focused on gaining financial and business acumen. I was propelled into the technology sector from an early age, thanks to my family environment. This led to opportunities to innovate in the technology field, supporting companies in their digital transformation journeys. In the process, I’ve blended business acumen, product knowledge, and technical skills, all gained through an entrepreneurial career focused on solving complex problems.

What do mentees usually come to you for?
I’m a go-to mentor for startup entrepreneurs, especially those in the early stages of their journey. My focus is on marrying my technical and business experience to help them find their Product Market Fit. I’ve traversed all phases as an entrepreneur, from bootstrapping, fundraising, and finding product market fit, to the private sale of a business. These experiences have gifted me with a unique set of learnings across multiple sectors, which I now use to guide other entrepreneurs.

What’s been your favourite mentorship success story so far?
My first brush with mentoring was supporting a participant in the Global Student Entrepreneur Award (GSEA) during my stint at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in 2017. I provided guidance in business, product, sector, and finance to an enterprising student who eventually secured second place in the competition. This experience, coupled with the recognition and feedback from the student, crystallized the importance and impact of mentoring for me.

What are you getting out of being a mentor?
As a mentor, my main reward is the opportunity for continuous learning. This journey of mentorship puts me in a unique position where I am incessantly learning, actively listening, and persistently engaging with diverse challenges spanning across various sectors. It’s an intriguing experience to uncover the common threads that run through these challenges - be it in leadership, product development, business strategy, or technology. The universality of these issues, irrespective of the context or stage, is enlightening. These experiences not only broaden my perspective but also enrich my understanding of the multifaceted world of entrepreneurship. It’s a process that keeps me curious, keeps me growing, and reaffirms my commitment to mentorship.

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