When is it time for a change and to move on?

Published Oct. 19, 2020

Are you feeling stuck? If you feel like you’ve fallen out of love with life (or maybe you were never in it) or your job, it’s time for a change and to move on from your current circumstances and towards new adventures.

When is it time for a change and to move on?

You don’t have to keep living a life that wasn’t meant for you. You deserve excitement, joy, and passion—and it’s out there. If you’re wondering how to make a change, you’ve come to the right place.

At MentorCruise, we help people just like you find mentors to help guide, teach, and support them in their own professional and personal journeys. One size can’t fit all when it comes to growth, and that’s why our community of individuals with close relationships is what you need to succeed.

Mentorship provides a path to clarity, a source of support, and a sense of direction. With a mentor, you will not only achieve—but also surpass—your goals, finding both meaning and purpose to your life and work.

If you want more out of life, and you’re still wondering if a change is right for you, read on. We’ll go over:

  • The warning signs that show it’s time to move on
  • The true meaning of progress
  • How to make change
  • The true value of a great mentorship

5 ways to know when it’s time to move on

You might feel unsure if you’re ready for change. If you need some clarity, check out these signs, which might indicate that it’s time to move on.

1. You don’t know (or care about) what’s next

Working at a dead-end job doing menial tasks is not fulfilling now—and it never will be. If you can’t name what you’re working towards, then you aren’t working towards anything.

When MentorCruise matches you with a mentor in your field, you’ll have an expert by your side to help you identify and achieve your goals. There are also career mentors to help you change careers to other areas of expertise in the tech industry.

2. Small things get on your nerves

If you find yourself getting angry over silly things—like spilled coffee, annoying sounds, or rude coworkers—your mind is out of focus.

When you’re focused on the things that truly matter—your passion, purpose, and work—you’ll be able to brush off the little things.

3. You’ve got a gut feeling that things aren’t right

Your intuition is there for a reason. If your gut is telling you that it’s time for change, then it’s time to move on.

And if the idea of having a mentor who can provide guidance, advice, and support excites you—trust your gut.

4. You’re wallowing in self-pity

Are you truly grateful for all that you have? Or do you focus on the things that don’t work out? When you get stuck with a task at work—is it Why me? _or _I’m thankful to do this.

If you give yourself more pity than gratitude, you’re probably not reaching for your goals.

5. You feel lost or stuck

Do you feel like you don’t have control over your life—or like you don’t have choices? Your feelings are valid, but you _do _have control. Most of the time your fear over change is just a feeling that’s keeping you from taking the leap and doing the things that you love.

If you want to grow, but aren’t sure how to change, mentorship could be the answer. A mentor is an expert who can also become a close friend and confidant. A mentor’s wisdom can provide more value to your life than any degree or online course ever could.

MentorCruise is a streamlined service that matches mentees with mentors, so the process of finding your perfect match won’t be painstaking. You don’t have to cold message a single stranger on LinkedIn to find guidance—and it could be the first step towards getting unstuck.

How to make change

Now that you’ve realized that it’s time to move on, you want to learn about how to make change. Here are some ways that you can get out of your situation after realizing that it’s time for a change.

Understand that growth is a process

Some people see progress as a means to the end— an achievement. You might feel that way, too. But that’s not the reality. True progress has no end in sight because personal growth is not a task that can be finished. Growth never ends.

If a plant stops growing, it means something’s wrong. It’s not getting what it needs to thrive. Nature doesn’t reach a certain point, and then say well that’s it, I’m done.

People don’t stop growing, either—unless there is a problem. If you feel like you’re done growing, then you need to make a change.

Get expert guidance through mentorship

How to make change also means looking for help. A mentor can show you how to make the change you desperately need through expert guidance.

With MentorCruise, you can find a mentor who will help you discover your potential. Our thriving community of experts and novices has already found the countless benefits to fostering a mentee-mentor relationship.

Once you’re matched with the right mentor, you’ll see that they have so much to offer, including:

  • Motivation. Sometimes all we need is a push in the right direction. Some of us need a little push every day. Others just need one big push. And for some, it depends on what kind of day we had. A mentor will know what you need and when you need it.
  • Insight. A mentor will realize your strengths and teach you to use them to your advantage. They’ll learn about your weaknesses and work to support your improvement.
  • Support. Mentorship provides mentees with the most essential elements of support: encouragement and love. Whether you need someone to rejoice in your accomplishments or empathize with your struggles, your mentor will be there.
  • Guidance. Your mentor will have already walked a mile in your shoes. With the wisdom that comes from experience, they are qualified to guide you towards the positive change you want to create.
  • Feedback. A mentor will also give you feedback—the good, the bad, and the ugly. With an expert’s opinion, you’ll know exactly what you did right and wrong—no more guessing games about the best path forward.

Accept that things are over

You’re not being true to yourself if you’re accepting your current situation for what it is. Quit your job if there are no risks involved. End relationships if you’re realizing how toxic they’re becoming.

Realizing that it’s time for a change and to move on is only one part of the process. For you to be able to change your reality, you need to take the steps to make it happen.

It’s much easier said than done, but one important mindset to have when you want to change your situation is to consider that this part of your life is over. Once you’re in that mindset, you’ll realize that the change isn’t as hard as you thought it was going to be.

Learn habits and skills that will get you where you want to be

Of course, finally, when it’s time for a change and to move on, you need to be strategic about your choices to get away from your current current situation.

Change may not happen overnight, but developing great habits over time can help you counteract the negative forces that are affecting your life.

There’s already enough literature on habit formation, including James Clear’s popular Atomic Habits or Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit, but the fundamentals remain the same:

  • Start simple
  • Commit to 3-4 weeks of performing that habit until it becomes second nature to you.
  • Make sure that committing to the habit is as frictionless as possible.

At the same time, if you want to change careers or just learn a skill to discover a new side to yourself, you can learn new skills. Online education platforms such as Udacity, Coursera and Codecademy teach you how to code at the fraction of the costs of a college tuition fee.

At the same time, you can also engage with communities, such as MentorCruise, to learn these skills alongside your peers, mentees and mentors that can give you guidance on how to effectively learn. You’ll find that engaging with new types of people is already one step toward the change that you’ve been wanting to have.

Interested about finding a mentor to help you create change?

Finding your match on MentorCruise will enable you to achieve—and even create—your goals.

Stop wandering around wondering if your living life to its fullest. You can find direction and purpose with advice from our community of experts as soon as you’re ready to make a change.