Why should you become a mentor?

Published April 29, 2019

At MentorCruise, we’re always looking for new mentorship talent. But most questions we got from potential candidates are about the “Why”. What benefit is there in becoming a mentor?

Why should you become a mentor?

Learning by Teaching

It’s no secret that a good way to learn something is to teach it. In order to teach something, you have to thoroughly understand it.

But not only that, mentorship can also teach you a lot of soft skills:

  • Teaching
  • Patience
  • Leadership
  • Communication

Realizing something? Those are skills that people in leadership positions need as well - and that’s exactly why employers absolutely love it when you mentor somebody else.

That being said, when it comes to personal development, being a mentor might be the best thing you could do as well.

Build a Network

Another good opportunity of mentorship is networking.

You’re going to get in touch with dozens of people from different walks of life. In some cases, you’ll stay in touch with them for a year or longer.

It’s always valuable to remain in touch with smart people, and having a mentee is no exception to that. If you’re mentoring over a longer period of time, you’ll start helping people grow into unique positions and roles. Something that’ll be valuable to you in the long run as well!


Last, and maybe even least, is the compensation. As a mentor, you should never expect a monetary compensation, but especially in a formal setting like MentorCruise, accepting a small payment can be valuable and bring noise down to a minimum.

You won’t get rich from $20/week payments. But if you take good care of 4 mentees, that’s $320 per month, or over $3,800 per year. It’ll be enough for a few fancy dinners or a great vacation every year!

Sounds interesting? At MentorCruise, we’re always looking for mentors. Apply now at mentorcruise.com/mentor/.