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Akarsha Sehwag Quick Responder New Mentor


Data Scientist - PolyTech Wind Power Technology

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I'm a Data Scientist, working in this domain for the last 3 years. I am interested in helping someone to start with Data Science/ dig deeper into it or someone looking for help in one of their projects.

About me: I delved into research initially, working with Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan and IIIT Delhi in the domain of Fintech, Image Analysis and Biometrics publishing a couple of research papers. And then gained experience working with Airtel XLabs to work on Customer Segmentation and now at PolyTech working with sensor signals. I have mentored more than 10 people and now mentoring for Grace Hopper Conference India TechPathways program. Personally, I'm flexible with the meeting timings and will do my best to help. :)

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