Aleksandar Dordevic

Professional Backend Engineer @ Personio


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Hello guys! If you want to see my credentials, feel free to scroll further down! :)

But, on a less bureaucratic note : I am a self taught backend engineer. I know the struggle of getting into new technologies, wanting to land that first job, and also not getting that one annoying topic that everyone else seems to get (looking at you, pointers!). You need a CV check? You need me to review something? You are doing your best, but can't figure out a specific concept? I'm your man!

I will help you learn, develop, and nail that dream job interview. And I will do it in a friendly, non-intimidating way so you can actually enjoy the whole process. Thanks for your interest, and feel free to book a call :)

The bureaucratic bio :
Software engineer with 5+ years of experience in developing robust , maintainable user-faced web applications, mainly in backend technologies like PHP, Java/Kotlin, displaying a dev-ops mindset.

Experienced in SQL (mysql, postgres), Docker, Kubernetes, AWS.
Familiar with best design practices, unit testing and code monitoring (Sentry/Kibana/New Relic) .

Communicative, a team player, and passionate about technologies.

Eager to help, happy to provide guidance for new people, and advice to less experienced developers.

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