Hi there! My name is Alex. I’m working as a CTO and Co-Founder at Foundsiders, and I’m responsible for building software products, doing market research, customer development, online marketing, accounting, and deal with bureaucracy.

I have been developing software for the past 19 years. I have worked for a diverse variety of businesses: early-stage and late-stage start-ups, established product companies, agencies, and consultancies; and in a variety of industries: education, accounting, housing, online marketplaces, automotive, privacy, online marketing, productivity, cloud, and design.

As with any “10+ years of experience,” the question you should always ask, whether this was genuine, unique experiences, or just one year repeated 10 times.

In my career, I’ve never stopped learning: if at any point in my life I felt that my learning slows down, I changed things up—joined different team or company, changed tech stack, or taken more responsibility for more challenging items, like leadership, consulting or teaching. I think the answer to the question above should be obvious.

I’m great at building full-stack web applications quickly and with excellent quality, all the way from the database and third-party service integrations, through the back-end code and all the way to the web front-end using both established and new trendy technologies. When there was a need, I have delivered native mobile and desktop applications as well.

Throughout my professional career, I have written production-grade software in the following programming languages:
- Pascal and Delphi,
- C and C++,
- Turbo and Macro Assembler,
- C#/.Net,
- PHP,
- Javascript (both front-end and back-end),
- Python,
- Ruby,
- Clojure and ClojureScript,
- Haskell,
- Rust,
- Elixir,
- Java,
- Kotlin (both back-end, web front-end, and Android),
- Swift (both back-end and iOS),
- Golang (both back-end and native desktop),

and in their respective frameworks (often, multiple).

I have expert-level expertise and currently focusing on the following technologies: Kotlin, Golang, Javascript, Ruby, and Swift.

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