Alisher Abdulkhaev
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Machine Learning Engineer @ Browzzin

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I am a Machine Learning Engineer with 6 years of experience. Mainly working on Deep Learning-based Computer Vision tasks. Also pursuing my Ph.D. and my research focus is to develop data-efficient deep learning algorithms.

I can help you with your AI projects as well as to plan your career ranging from “which topics to study” to “which company to work at”, etc.

What students say

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Claire, October 2021
5 stars
"Really happy to have found such a professional, friendly and attentive mentor I had very informative exchanges with him and received effective feedbacks, A huge thank you Alisher for all the knowledge you shared with me. Frankly do not hesitate to seek his help ! "
Hasnaa, October 2021
5 stars
"He made sure to understand what my interview was going to cover by having a call with me and going over my interview materials.He is able to clearly explain answers to the questions he asked in DL/ML and specifics within that, that I was not able to answer.He is patient and honest - important qualities in a mentor."
Kulsoom, October 2021
5 stars
"Recommended a lot of insightful topics, talked about his research and invited me into the Machine Learning Tokyo Global Community."
Wei Jie, February 2021
5 stars
"he is very responsible and knowledgable in cv. I will come back to him as a mentor in the future:)"
Stella, May 2022
5 stars

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