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Ankur Agarwal


Senior Software Engineeeer - Microsoft

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I have overall 8 years of experience ranging from Systems Engineering to Front-end. I have worked both with early stage startups and large enterprises. I have been building and scaling products from scratch.

Currently I am working as part of Microsoft Teams Front End Engineering Team. I am leading front-end for search and cognitive services in Teams.

My current responsibilities are -
1. Implement various Front-end features for Microsoft Teams.
2. Design Discussion and Code Reviews
3. Architectural Discussions.
4. Mentor fellow developers.

I would want to help in building strong foundation for high growth and successful career by focussing on
- Help building strong technical skills by focusing on fundamentals.
- Help know industry best practices, continuously learning and grow.
- My strengths are JS, React, Typescript HTML, CSS, JQuery, WebAPIs, System Design, C and Data Structures.
- I am always reachable and available to help so feel free to reach me at any time.

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