Anna Albert


Product Owner - Fortumo

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I am an experienced Product Owner with prior experience at Software Development Project Management. I can provide you with insights, tips about the field, and lead you towards right decisions to make your career path thriving.
I have a profile education such as Computer Engineering as a Bachelor's Degree as well as Innovation and Technology Management Masters degree (in progress).
All my past jobs, I got not because I was applying for them but by being recommended. People think that I am experienced and recommend me to different positions.
My learning curve was really challenging but I learned a lot and would love to share those lessons with others.

My success will not happen without volunteering (TEDxKyiv, IT conferences ), internships (IT educational startups, an internship in project management), project management jobs in the best design agency of the world Artkai,  my mentors, and education. 

Thus, feel free to contact me is you:

- lost and do not know what to do with your career;
- want to be trained for an interview;
- want to know more about project management, product management;
- interested in the expansion of your horizons. 

Look forward to hearing from you!

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