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Data Analyst - Alesco Risk Management Services

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Exploration vs Exploitation- that dilemma which every individual faces in their lives. Wisely or otherwise, I have invariably chosen to take the path of exploration. Having established myself as an underwriter in the rapidly growing Indian insurance market, I decided to leave it all and explore a Master’s degree in Insurance at Cass Business School, London.

A year spend in university with some of the smartest academia and young talent in insurance globally compelled me to question what matters most for the insurance market in the next 30 odd years of my career. Having narrowed the answer down to somewhere between data and technology, I decided to explore in this direction in the London Insurance Market.

My role at Alesco is to provide data as a service to our biggest partners, developing stories around their insurance risks backed by adhoc and specialized data analysis. Internally, I use data and technology to improve business processes and to enable people in the business to make data driven decisions. All of this with the help of my data toolkits which include Python(Pandas, Numpy, Scikit learn etc.), Power BI, SQL, DAX etc.

So does exploration work? I don’t have the answer yet, but perhaps in a rapidly changing world it is the only alternative.


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