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Cameron Jenkinson New Mentor

 United Kingdom

Full stack Javascript Engineer - Learnerbly

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Hi there Iā€™m Cameron. Iā€™m a programmer and maker based in the United Kingdom. I currently work at Learnerbly where I work with a group of engineers building cloud based serverless applications.

I started my journey in tech at the age of 10 when I to put together a gaming PC to play Command & Conquer in higher definition. Next was at the University of Southampton where I studied computer science. I then spent the rest of my time at University making house music as South Royston travelling across the country and Europe performing at venues, it was a lot of fun.

I mostly work with Javascript and build full stack serverless cloud based applications.

If you are looking for a clearer path to your first job in tech then I can be of service to you. I find many budding engineers on their learning path stumbling through different courses, frameworks and tutorials. As a self taught engineer myself I know and understand the hurdles you are facing daily.

My mentoring approach is like the advanced bootcamp you never had, 1 on 1 support with a clear learning path to help you reach your goals. I will Install proper learning habits to rapidly speed up your coding ability and you help you pick the right courses to acquire the skills. This will help you get productive at building and solving problems with code in your interest areas. iā€™m with you every step of the way to help you reach your goals.

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