Cameron Jenkinson

CTO @ Trackstack 8+ years in designing serverless event driven architectures + apps on AWS
United Kingdom 5.0 (7 reviews) Active this month Usually responds in a few days


Hi there I’m Cameron 👋

If you are looking for a clearer path to getting ahead in a severless first world or want to navigate the full stack Javascript career path better then I can help you.

I have mostly worked at scaling product companies typically with event driven / serverless architectures built on AWS.

I’ve held tech lead positions in serverless first companies including Learnerbly (, Fiit ( and as a consultant at Accenture (

The role of a serverless engineer means I am responsible for handling the complete backend implementation on the cloud and the related devops workflows keeping the application running smoothly as it scales.

I believe serverless is the future of web development and leveling up your career in serverless is essential for future proofing your options.

More and more companies are adopting cloud native architectures and the demand for cloud related skills is growing - the average salary now at $120,000/year.

If you are already working as a full stack or front-end engineer but want to dive into serverless in more depth then we could be a good match.

I find many budding engineers on their learning path stumbling through different courses, frameworks and tutorials trying to learn serverless. As a self taught engineer myself I know and understand the hurdles you are facing daily when it comes to learning new techniques whilst balancing full time responsibilities.

There is a ton of noise surrounding serverless and for good reason but it is not just Next.js or for static sites

My mentoring approach is like an advanced bootcamp you never had with 1 on 1 support and a clear learning path to help you reach your goals. I will install proper learning habits to rapidly speed up your ability and help you pick the right projects to acquire the skills to level up your career.

My aim is to help you get productive at building and solving problems with cloud native and serverless architectures. I’ll be with you every step of the way to help you reach that learning goal.

We will create a custom learning roadmap designed to help you reach specific learning outcomes and/or meet challenges at your current job.

Things I can help serve you with:

- Learn full-stack Javascript and how to navigate the career path effectively
- Understand serverless and cloud architectures on AWS / GCP
- Help structure and architect your product (makers, solo-founders, bootstrappers)

Things I can't help you with:

- Solving complex computational problems for assignments and homework
- Teaching you other programming languages (my focus is Javascript / Typescript)

Drop me a message to talk about your learning goals and we'll clarify a structured learning roadmap to help you get there.

What mentees say



5 out of 5 stars

Cameron is great! Comes prepared to meetings, takes time to create material and gives advices for ideas or projects.



5 out of 5 stars

Cameron is an amazing and responsive mentor, on top of that he is talented too. Will definitely be back for more.



5 out of 5 stars

Cameron is just pure knowledge and has an amazing approach to teaching code. He knows what is he doing and is one of the best mentors on Mentor cruise. Highly recommended master for any newbie coders out there.




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