" You Don't Learn until you Lauch " - Dan Norris

Do you have a great idea, but you don't know where/ how to start?
Maybe you are collecting more information before starting your passion project?
Or you keep procrastinating over starting your business?

If the answer is YES to any of the questions above, let's kickstart your journey!

Reading business books is great, but you don't learn until you launch! For first-time entrepreneurs, the launch is the most difficult step and can bring procrastination, doubt and discouragement.

From generating ideas to gaining your first paying customers, let's bootstrap & launch your next product, quickly.

Besides this mentoring service for first-time entrepreneurs, I offer mentorship in a wide variety of topics.
I am happy to help out if you are looking to launch/ improve an existing product, learn more about product management, running your own bootstrapped business, building side projects, or just picking my brain for some brainstorming!

Let's turn your idea into a reality!
Hey, thanks for reading until here!
A few words about me. My name is Olga.
Many years ago, I thought I was a Lawyer and would stay one for life. Then, all of a sudden, I became a product creator. Then, I turned my attention to communities, which turned me into a community builder — and, without really ever intending to be one, a mentor.

I've always been a consultant, and I still consult at this point for big companies, scale-ups, and social ventures.

I am an experienced mentor (+5 years of experience) with mentees from all over the world (US, Switzerland, France, and Mexico.)

I am from France, so if you are more comfortable with "omelette du fromage ", n'hésite pas à m'envoyer un petit message! J'aime beaucoup rencontrer mes compatriotes 🇫🇷 !

Ready to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey?
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