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I have 20+ years of software development experience, a master's degree in computer engineering, and I've built two successful B2B software companies. For the past ten years, my focus has been primarily on full-stack web technologies.

I'm open to working with anyone who is detail oriented and passionate about improving his/her craft. I'm not a professional educator, but I can promise that I'll work hard to help you improve. I prefer to work with only a couple mentees at a time so you can receive a higher level of attention.

Here are some example scenarios:

* You are looking to level-up your skills and need guidance on how to improve
* You want to start interviewing but need to brush up on your data structures and algorithms theory
* Your team needs input on which technology to choose or assistance with code reviews

David is awesome. He is the mentor I've never had in my career.

Testimonial by Robert from November 2020

Dave was a great mentor. He helped me improve so much on my coding skills. He always provided great advice, and I have learned a lot of best coding practices from him.

Testimonial by Melissa from February 2021
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