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Divyanshu Rawat New Mentor


Software Developer - Bayerischer Rundfunk(German Govt.)

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I work for the govt. in Munich, Germany 🇩🇪 as a software engineer. I am a software developer with a passion to build products. Currently, Apart from my full-time job I spend most of the time building an org. for providing opportunities to scholars product is listed here. https://github.com/Ignitus
Moreover, I also love to contribute to open-source software, my contributions & work is well reflected on GitHub. https://github.com/divyanshu-rawat
I am willing to mentor in client/server side technologies specially React & Node and all the libraries that couple with them. Moreover if you need any guidance & Mentorship in terms of contributing to open-source software please reach me :).
Previously I have mentored several projects in Google summer of code, Google code-in, Rails girls summer of code etc.

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