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Senior Global Product Manager - HSBC

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I am Global Product Lead for online banking at HSBC. I worked for fintech products at Octopus Labs before. You can see my background here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/esinover/.
I am a computer engineer by background and transitioned fully into product management 8 years ago. I worked in media, telecommunication, loyalty, bank, healthcare, fintech using Agile practices and being responsible from digital strategy to execution and coaching/managing product managers in the last 13 years.
Product management is my passion and I'd like to spread it by mentoring/coaching product managers. I have been an active member of Product School giving talks and courses. I'd love to help you to reach your goal by sharing my experience.

I worked with Esin over a number of months and she was great assistance in helping me transition from project management into product. She is insightful, personable and is very responsive and I learned a lot during our 4 months. I would recommend her without hesitation and hope to work together in future!

Testimonial by Odhran from November 2020
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