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Gino Toro

 United Kingdom

Senior Product Manager - PortSwigger

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I believe that technology is a great way to make an impact on people. You can create happiness, improve productivity, reduce costs, and make people successful. To multiply that impact I want to help other Product Managers to reach their potential because I believe we can achieve it by keeping it simple and pragmatic.

The skills of a product manager are agnostic to the domain and transferable. It is our job to understand how products are built, understand our users, ensure it is viable for the business, and finally work with a team to deliver products people love. A great product manager will create a set of tools and techniques to help. However, knowing when to use them is key.

My technique is to look at ourselves as products. I begin by understanding who we are (strengths and roles). Then define the journey as a Product Manager by creating a roadmap. Finally, we plan the next steps to achieve that roadmap.

I have 7 years of experience as a Developer and 7 years as a Product Manager working for market-leading products in security, DevOps, language tools, and web content.

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