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Greg Mitten


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Software Engineer - Adyen

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# What to expect:
## I will
* Set custom tasks that build on each-other
* Give and record code reviews
* Give detailed explanations

## I won't
* Debug specifics problem for you (I can do this occasionally if you're really stuck)
* Do your homework
* Google things for you

# You are
* Motivated
* Student/trying to break into the industry

# I am
Greg, Hi.

I'm an extremely motivated and introspective English Software engineer, moving internationally to pursue career success. I've been thinking a lot of what needs to be done to succeed during my time as an engineer, I'd love to share these with people and help them achieve their career/academic dreams.

I received extremely high grades throughout university winning scholarships and jump starting my career as an independent consultant. I now work at Adyen, a booming FinTech giant trusted by top tech companies to process their payments (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix, Uber, Ebay, I can go on). I have previously worked at other prestigious companies as a developer such as JPMorgan Chase & Co.

I believe the innumerable lessons I have learnt over these years would be invaluable to new developers whether looking for a career or succeeding at university.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, I believe we should make all of our work public and as your mentorship progresses so will your portfolio of projects. If you're interested lets have a call free of charge to talk things through.

Greg is an exceptional mentor who will explain things in depth and provide professional quality instruction and explanations in code reviews and in answering any potential questions. He was always easy to approach and extremely in-depth with his explanations of programming concepts whilst still being able to explain clearly and concisely to a layman like me. I recommend Greg to the highest degree and thank him for his time.

Testimonial by Corey from June 2020
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