Hari Dulipudi
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Serial Microstartup Maker generating $15K/month @ DWorkS

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I'm Hari, and I've been building microstartups for the last 12 years.

My microstartups total revenue and expenses
💸 Revenue - $117K/year (67% ▲)
🌟All time high revenue - $15K/month in Dec 2021 (18% ▲)
🎯Daily goal - $500/day reached in Dec 2021

✈️ Visa List - https://visalist.io
One stop for all your visa requirement needs when you want to travel to a new country.
💸Revenue - $50K/year (39% ▲)
📊All time high revenue - $8K/month in Dec 2021
👥Total Users - 2.6M/year
⚡Active users - 250K/month

📂 AnExplorer - https://anexplorer.co
All-in-one File Manager for all Android Platforms from Phone, Tablets, TV and Wear.
💸Revenue - $50K/year (95% ▲)
👥User growth: 130% ▲ yoy
⬇️Downloads - 1.3M
⚡Active users: 350K

💱 ACrypto - https://acrypto.io
Cryptocurrency portfolio, news & alerts tracking.
💸Revenue - $10K/year
⬇️Downloads - 200K
⚡Active users: 30K

🖥️ Simple Ops - https://simpleops.io
Performance monitoring tool for websites.
💸Revenue - $3K/year
⚡Active users: 2.5K

I started as a software developer. Worked in big companies as well as startups. I have built products from scratch and I have been instrumental in making the mobile strategy at a healthcare startup, after moving from engineering to product.

Now I'm a serial entrepreneur. Here on MentorCruise, I want to help people who want to be entrepreneurs by sharing my knowledge over these years.

Find out more: https://1hakr.com

What students say

"Hari is an excellent mentor. I am dropping because of a busy work schedule. I will resume again once I'm free."
Komal, May 2021
5 stars
"Awesome mentor :). Really helpful an honest :)!"
Alexander, February 2022
5 stars
"Hari was a fantastic mentor, he really helped me hone down on my ideas and provide the focus I needed to get results on my project"
Steven, February 2021
5 stars


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