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Hiroko Nishimura

 United States of America

Technical Instructor - LinkedIn

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I'm a special education teacher turned IT professional dabbling in AWS, cloud administration, technical writing, and freelance writing.

I founded AWS Newbies in 2018 after finding little resources available for non-engineers to learn about Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services. Since then, I've created a free resource website for people studying for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam, and released an eBook and free newsletter course for complete beginners. I am also a course instructor at LinkedIn Learning, teaching introductory AWS courses for non-engineers.

I have a Master's of Education in Special Education, am passionate about helping students and young adults navigate their education and careers with their specific needs in mind. My specialty is in helping people with Executive Function Disorder/ADHD navigate their education/career/task organization.

We might be a great fit if...
- You're looking to transition into tech/IT
- You're a student with disabilities looking for accommodations at school
- You're a newly grad considering IT as a career
- You're a disabled young adult looking for ways to begin a career
- You have ADHD/ASD/Executive Function Disorder and need help with general organization/job search/study help
- You are thinking about taking the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam, or want to start learning the fundamentals of AWS
- And basically anyone who is looking for a mentor with experience in disability/IT/being woman in tech/minority

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