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Jonathan M.

 United States of America

Cybersecurity Engineering Team Lead/Product Owner - Prime Technical Services

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My name is Jon, and I run InfoSecJon.com, a website dedicated to helping people start or grow their careers. Here's a rundown of my credentials:

- Completed a Master's degree in Information Assurance in 2019
- Obtained Sec+and CISSP
- Went from an Associates degree to a cybersecurity job in 4 years.
- I have a solid background in system administration, network, and system engineering.
- Blogging about technical career advice since 2018
- 9 years of U.S. Navy experience, I get the military and how to translate skills to the civilian world

With my mixed background of education, certification, and experience, I'm the perfect mentor to understand what you want and give you the direction you need.

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