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James Ma


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Software Engineer - Mastercard

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Love building software products. In making sure online services work end-to-end, I obsess with minute details throughout the tech stack, from frontend user experience to backend core services. I help startups to build products from scratch and scale them for growth and commercialization in different markets.

Currently, my research work lies in the payments domain, and have interest in the finance ecosystem. I work on a wide variety of topics, ranging from EMV standards to blockchain, IoT to NLP, and NFC to Arduino systems, all with the objective of delivering a better user experience when exchanging for goods and services. Some of these inventions are patent pending.

I am the author of Mastering Python for Finance, 1st and 2nd editions.

Happy to guide you on your journey in learning React, Vue, SpringBoot, Python/Django, Angular, professional software development...

Very proactive mentor and nice person to depend upon.

Testimonial by Sujit from April 2020

James had spot on answers for me, all questions were answered intelligently and eloquently. I really appreciate him helping me out with everything. I was super impressed with how fast James answered my questions and had suggestions that led me down the right path.

Testimonial by Wendi from May 2020

James is a great mentor!

Testimonial by Vishal from May 2020
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