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Director of Product Management - MakerBot

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I am a product leader and former management consultant and engineer. I have a blend of engineering, operational, and strategic experience spanning several sectors including aerospace, automotive, retail, and technology.
As an engineer, I led several projects around operational efficiency, cost reduction, and new product introductions. As a management consultant, I advised Fortune 500 executives on their most pressing issues including innovation & operational strategy, market analysis, and business forecasting.
As a product manager, I have built products at all lifecycles from designing products for a pre-funding startup to sunsetting end-of-life products. I have also been highly involved in the hiring process for both product management and management consulting. In addition, I am actively involved in the product community and train new and aspiring product managers for Mind the Product - the largest community of product people in the world.
If you are looking for an experienced product mentor and would like to advance your product career, I believe I can help. From high level strategic projects to execution best practices, I can offer practical advice to help you achieve your goals.

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