I promise to provide honest feedback, creative unique solutions, and insights built through experience.

I love everything about SEO and content marketing, especially content optimization, technical SEO, and content strategy. With experience in both ecommerce and blog related websites, I have grown organic traffic from 2-3 clicks a week to thousands a month through connecting content and SEO together. I can help you understand your audience better and build a content strategy, with all the right SEO elements included, so you can grow your website to be the best representation of your business.

What students say

"Karyn was lovely to work with! She did an excellent job at trying to understand where we are coming from, and neccessary steps to move further. Helped to understand SEO Strategy a bit more. Hope to work again with her in the future. All the best!"
Sefer, May 2021
5 stars
"My call with Karyn was a big success. We got right into the weeds, and her knowledge and experience were immediately obvious. I wanted feedback on an SEO approach, and she did just that, expanding my rather narrow interpretation of what I was seeing in Ahrefs. She also gave me some ideas on other growth tactics to explore. Great call all around. Highly recommend Karyn."
William, March 2021
5 stars
"Karen was supportive and helpful. I have gained a lot of knowledge on SEO. "
Santhosh, May 2021
5 stars

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