Kimberly Barnes

Founder @ Lipstick and Tech LLC
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Hello! I am a Salesforce expert based in the San Francisco Bay Area and have a strong passion in software and CRM administration to create and manage effective workforce workflows. I help deliver support for both internal and customer service environments through day-to-day support, business requirements gathering and to contribute to long-term success through implementations and training all supporting the Salesforce ecosystem/product internally.

I help ambitious tech-savvy professionals stand out in their Salesforce journeys and build their own lucrative businesses. I believe that everyone can learn Salesforce and use the skill to pivot and build their own lucrative cloud computing careers. Salesforce is easily becoming one of the best technologies to create opportunities for all- from AI, to robotics, general CRM and more.

I am a highly dedicated tech professional and accountability partner that can help you get started with:
-crafting a job search plan
-career research strategy
-resume revision/cover letter/linkedin profile recommendations
-understand your Salesforce/CRM certification path
and more!

I especially believe in the power of diversity, thought and equality make for powerful solutions- and especially welcome the opportunity to work with minority women in tech, but love to help all! I want to encourage those who have been pushed away from other industries to be welcomed into the cloud computing industry and with a little mentor-ship, help leaders of the future.

Ultimately, do you have a clear vision of how to get certified and how to get there? An introductory call will be helpful in seeing how your goals align with your actions. I like to provide support via email, Zoom calls, and like to collaborate via a portal to ensure that we're up to date with each other!

Looking forward to working together! :)

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