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Hi, I'm Lina and first of all - I didn't even want to become a salesperson. I had the same prejudice as most people have about this "special breed" of humans. But now I feel comfortable with what I'm doing and that's because I follow a simple set of rules - I internalized a very firm set of values. I established a mindset that makes me successful while still being able to look into the mirror.

While coaching colleagues and external Salespeople I found out, that I can make people feel good about what they do, but also about who they are and what they represent. I teach people how to be successful in business as well as in private and and there's so much fun and happiness involved, that I just have to do it.

In short: You will learn techniques that are going to make you successful. These techniques are easily understood and can be applied to any industry you're working in. And you will feel good about using them.

My coaching is based on a psychological mindset, the underlying values and principles of my many years of experience in the Textile-, Design-, Real Estate-, Personnel- and Recruiting-Industry.

Looking forward to meeting you!
Best, Lina

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