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In college / high school and looking to switch to CS / looking to become a developer / get a job as a developer? I'd like to help.

I'm a professional Python developer and trainer. I speak at Python conferences around the world {PyCon Italy, UK, Finland, Philippines}. Ask me anything! I'll do my best guiding you in areas of frontend development to backend development using Python; Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, different Python libraries, open source development, Version Control System (Git), best practices, and tiny hacks to be more productive.

Every week, I'll take out some time to do a few things with you:

- Chat: about project ideas / help to build new projects / anything else
- Activity and Goals: Usually some projects to implement after the "Chat" above ^
- Coding Challenges: Coding challenges - I can send you my questions / or something from usually websites like LeetCode, HackerRank etc
- 1-on-1: Mock interviews / Offer guidance on work or projects or career / You can ask questions
- Coding Support: Review any code you write or from the activities that I suggest you to do

If you know anyone who you think this might be helpful to, please do share this with them.

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