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I've been doing tech for a while, in varying degrees. From building websites to designing large architectures. Advising development teams and executive level, ran with two startups and now working as CTO at

A couple of years ago I noticed that I enjoy mentoring, because I can see people grow and that creates energy. That feeling when a student gets it, that sparkle in their eyes and laughing when they nailed it is worth more than gold.

I've set a goal in life that I'd like to inspire, at least, 50 people in a significant way. Joining MentorCruise is just one way of achieving that goal.

To elaborate a bit more on the tags here on MentorCruise, I'd like to tell a bit more on the type of help you can expect from me:

* Career; What technology to adopt, what to look out for in order to grow, what targets you should set for yourself realistically, what kind of role you want to have in an organisation, Switching to Software Development from a completely different sector.
* Processes; How to introduce a new tech/process in your team/company, what version control or release process to use for your team/company, when to refactor when the pressure for features is high
* Questions about programming; OO versus functional. Responsibilities, distributed systems, microservices or monolith, security, how to start with unit testing, etc.
* CTO questions; How to migrate a large legacy project, how to convince your CEO or other stakeholders, how to prepare for a board meeting, how to talk with (not-tech-savvy) investors, how to change the company culture from (borderline) toxic to inclusive and diverse.

Other topics:
* Food; The best paella recipe (I'd love to learn it!), Whisk(e)ys from smooth to peaty.
* Parenthood; Having kids and/or combining kids and your own company.

Often I'm asked about helping out on other topics that I do not prefer taking on, such as:
* Helping you to get a better paying job -- If programming is your dream and it happens to pay more, great. But if money is the sole reason then I'm not the best mentor for you.
* Give you tips on how to boast your CV -- Other mentors or recruiters might be more suitable for you
* Give tips about moving to a different country for a job

I don't exclude anyone, but I prefer a strong communication basis. So Ideally you are professionally proficient in English and/or Dutch.

There are no such things as stupid questions. I hope you at least try to fail, even though that can be really hard to admit to yourself or to others. Mistakes are necessary to grow!


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