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Head of UX - notallbad. | GbR Nikos Kotsakis und Myrto Papagiannakou

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Hi there, I am Myrto, UX Consultant, Senior UX Designer & Design Mentor specialized in UX Management.
My people - friends, family, and teammates- describe me as a passionate storyteller with a designer's mindset, a crisp eye for details, and a highly empathetic nature.

When people ask me what I do professionally I reply that I lead teams of UX professionals to shape experiences that focus on real people's needs and desires while at the same time accommodate business proposition and comply with legal requirements and technology limitations.

In other words, I work hard within interdisciplinary teams to make people heard and valued, to make them happy, and to help their dreams come true.

It all started when I realized I spent most of my time in front of the screen. I wanted to be involved in the making so I started designing for screens. Some months later - late 2009 - I quit my job as a print designer and focused completely on the digital world working as a visual designer.

Moving to Berlin in 2011 I had the chance to participate in Design Thinking Bootcamp at HPI d.school, where I got fascinated by the design thinking methodology and decided to get deeply involved with the user experience design.

Since then I work full-time as UXer helping companies around the world to shape insightful experiences for their customers.

Since 2016, next to my "regular" design job I mentor young professionals with various levels of design expertise - from design enthusiasts up to young designers seeking to broaden their horizons and gain extra knowledge, experience, and business insight.

Stepping into mentoring has been a tough decision for me but it turned out a great opportunity for my personal and professional development as well. Mentoring keeps me up to speed with a fresh, non-bias perspective, sets up questions on fundamental design decisions forces me to read a lot more about design in my free time, and makes me more empathetic, supportive, and understanding of daily communication with my team-mates and colleagues.

Certifications & Specializations
Certified in UX Management by Nielsen Norman Group
Certified UX Practitioner by Nielsen Norman Group
Certified in Innovation & Design Thinking Management by HEC Paris
Certified Design Thinking Practitioner & Leader with a MicroMaster by Rochester Institute of Technology
Certified Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner and Co-Creator by IBM
Certified in Enterprise Design Thinking Team Essentials for AI by IBM
Certified as Professional in Business Model Innovation by DelftX

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