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Nadeen Ibrahim

 United States of America

Product Analyst - Scribd

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Hi! My name’s Nadeen. I leverage data to make product decisions. I have a background in computer science and math that I use daily to break the barrier between business strategy and data. I’m interested in mentoring those interested in breaking that same barrier. In today’s tech industry, it’s not enough to be just data facing or business facing. As data owners, it is our job to make sense out of (what sometimes feels like) nonsense and provide stakeholders with guidance to propel their work, and ultimately the company. I also believe in having a life outside of work. I bake, run, make candles and read all the books that my Scribd (surprise, that’s where I work!) account will let me.

I'm a huge advocate for women in tech and would love to mentor any ladies looking to make their move into the space!

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