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Naveen Dewda

 United States of America

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Co-founder - District

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tl;dr version:
- Founder, Technical Program Manager, and ex-Engineer by profession.
- Happy to mentor regarding career, startups, business, interview prep among other things.
- Happy to share challenges, struggles as an immigrant founder / professional in the USA and how I tackle them.

Long version:
Currently, building https://district.so/

Most recently I co-founded Sliver Inc. (https://getsliver.com/), raised a pre-seed VC round, and built a remote team. I lead Product Development, Customer Success, and Lead Generation efforts at Sliver. Due to covid-19 we struggled and pivoted to District.

In the past, I worked as a Technical Program Manager at Cruise (https://getcruise.com/). Cruise is a self-driving ride-hailing service based in San Francisco, California USA.

At Cruise, I lead cross-functional technical programs across engineering, product, and design teams. My teams were part of the Core-Product group which is responsible for developing In-Car Experience and Ride-share products & services for Cruise. As part of the Core Product group, we developed ride-hailing iOS and Android Apps, user interface and experience for Tablet inside the car and all other in-car and backend services that talk to the car and other user-facing clients.

Before Cruise, I was at Tile Inc. (https://www.thetileapp.com/) working as their first Program Manager for their Web and eCommerce team for about 3 years. At Tile, along with managing projects for the internal engineering team, I also managed vendor relationships for integration between Tile and enterprise partners.

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