Nick Finck

Founder @ Craft & Rigor
25 years of experience in design & research, 14 years of experience in design & research management
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Nick Finck is a design & research leader with over two decades of experience in the industry. He strives to improve people’s lives through crafting well-designed experiences that matter. Nick currently consults & advises businesses on design and research through Craft & Rigor in Seattle. Before this, he was in design & research leadership roles at Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Ubermind, Deloitte Digital, projekt202, and his own agency Blue Flavor.

Nick's contributions to the UX community go far and wide. He is an experienced public speaker and has given over 102 talks in 10 countries. He has helped countless industry professionals and career transitioners as a design coach & mentor. Earlier in his career, he was the publisher of Digital Web Magazine, an online magazine for web professionals.

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