Hey all, I’m a co-founder and CTO of a London-based mobile ad mediation tool called Tapdaq.

Tapdaq began as a mobile cross-promotion network, which we hacked together in our bedrooms & coffee shops back in 2012.

It has since evolved into a one of the most recognised mediation platforms in the mobile space, supporting thousands of mobile apps on the App Store, from small indies to well-established publishers.

Some highlights & achievements have been:
- Taking a critical role in 3 successful investment rounds (Angel, Seed, Series A) from well-known investors in Europe: Balderton Capital, Kindred Capital, BGF Ventures, Open Ocean, and others.
- Hiring and managing 5 technical teams: Mobile SDK (iOS/Android), Platform Engineering, Dashboard, Data Science and DevOps.
- Leading technical teams to architect a scalable, robust and extensible product over the years.
- Building the first iterations of the Dashboard, SDK and Ad Delivery engine from scratch.

The success of the product and incredible talent we were fortunate enough to hire resulted in the acquisition of Tapdaq to Tapjoy in November 2018.

As a first-time CTO, my responsibilities were exhaustive, the tasks I had to juggle on a daily basis were pretty overwhelming. Early on in my startup’s life, I engaged with a technical advisor, and this was not only one of the best decisions I made, but it was also the best learning experience I have received.

After 8 years of running a startup, and receiving great advice over the years, I feel it’s time to pass on my learnings to other first-time founders or individuals thinking about starting a startup.

I can help you with anything a typical CTO would encounter: scaling considerations, adopting an agile process, the talent you want to hire, technical strategy & vision, and much more.

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