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Phil Tietjen


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Senior Developer - CBC Radio-Canada

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My name is Phil Tietjen have been working as a web developer professionally since late 2015 and reside in the "tropical" Ontario, Canada. I currently work full time as a senior developer for CBC Radio-Canada and have previously worked at other companies varying from small startup agency work and larger companies doing more product-based work. I also have experience in reviewing incoming resumes, interviews, and mentoring interns and junior devs.

Just before I graduated from my post-secondary education I was blessed with the birth of my first child and another child the year after. I have had a somewhat unique experience of juggling life as a young parent while just starting my career and trying to balance the two. Throughout all that time I have also had experience trying to level up my career with varying success by:

- Improving technical skills.
- Improving soft skills.
- Climbing an internal company ladder.
- Finding new opportunities.
- Auxiliary work (writing, speaking at events, podcasting).
- Finding and getting involved with related communities.
- Contributing to open-source projects.

My main focus in tech is web development mostly related to work in Javascript. I am comfortable with front-end and back-end with a stronger passion leaning towards front-end.

Feel free to message me if you want to make sure we'd be a great fit together. I look forward to helping anyone getting started with their careers, looking to find the next steps in their career, or maybe need a little help!

Thanks for your help. I learned a lot about project management and the basics of React. Thanks again!

Testimonial by Mohamed Assalla from August 2020

Phil is a great mentor. He has a lot of knowledge to share.

Testimonial by Jay from June 2020
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