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Rachit Kumar Agrawal


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Software Engineer - Google | Ex-Qualcomm | Ex-Intel

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I am a learning enthusiast from the heart. It's been around 8 years in the corporate world after my Post Graduation but I have worked in multiple fields till now - Computer Security, Bio-Informatics, Computer Architecture, Graphics Hardware, Memory Sub-systems and now Deep Learning. Any field that is challenging and I feel I can learn a lot while working in that, I take on that work. I also love to get hands on and love to code whenever I get time.

Based on my experience in different domains, you can expect to get any help from in the above field specifically in Graphics Architecture, Memory sub-systems and Deep Learning. Deep Learning is my new found love. I am still relatively new in this field but since it's my regular job, I feel I am learning new things at a decent rate. Feel free to reach out to me.

He is a very caring, patient, and diligent mentor in addition to being knowledgeable.

Testimonial by Kulsoom from October 2020

He is an excellent mentor, He always tries to clarify the doubts from basics which is exactly required for understanding the concepts. He helped not only clarifying in deep learning and machine learning doubts but also with my career decisions. He encouraged me so many times when I am deviating from my goal, I will always recommend him.

Testimonial by Kali Prasad
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