Shawn Lee

Business Lead @ Monocoque

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Hi, I'm Shawn, one of the co-founders of Monocoque. Monocoque is a design consultancy that has had the privilege of working with brands from all over the world, the likes of Accenture, WPP, Grand Hyatt and Abbott.

In today's fast-paced, competitive and service-driven landscape, more businesses are employing different facets of design to help them stay ahead. Empathy is at the core of design. By asking questions, understanding the context and focusing on the value we bring to users, we can push design to the forefront of businesses.

What students say

"Shawn has passed on his amazing insights and wisdom to me when it comes to business and product design. He is a dedicated product designer with a rock-solid work ethic!"
Neda, July 2020
5 stars
"I had an amazing mentorship experience with Shawn. I appreciated how he connected the dots between business and design."
Neda, September 2020
5 stars

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