Tim Allen

Principal @ Arete Strategics
Growing entrepreneurs and companies is my passion!
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Hello! A little about me - I founded what became the largest independently owned, municipal natural gas supplier & manager in the nation before selling to focus on my family and enjoy the blessings I'd been given. In the 14 years since, I've consulted and been actively involved with numerous startups from seed stage to exit. Growing entrepreneurs and companies is my passion!

I strongly believe that incredible opportunity is just slightly below the surface all around us and I enjoy the challenge of uncovering that opportunity and maximizing it. I was fortunate to be able to experience incredible success and now I enjoy the even greater satisfaction that comes from helping others attain their goals.

If you are a leader who is looking for some innovative ways to increase the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your company or if you are an entrepreneur in the making who just needs some help getting started, please contact me to discuss how I might help you.

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Tim was amazing as a mentor. I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn more about the energy sector, or if you're even just looking for some quality business advice. He's very knowledgeable and easy to talk with.

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