I am a software engineer with 8 years of industry experience. My role has ranged from an individual contributor to a team lead. Some of my notable achievements include engineering products in startup environments, recently my contribution helped raise over 20 million dollars in investment for a startup based in Boston USA. I have worked on a humanitarian project instrumental in the eradication of polio in Sub-Saharan Africa.
My current role as a software engineer involves coordinating efficient and scalable processes, defining workable architectural patterns, and structuring solutions over efficient algorithms and data structures.
My major focus is on web development, and I am a full-stack engineer. The tools and languages that I am most comfortable with include Javascript, Kotlin, Rust, Kubernetes, AWS, and Python. I like to think in a non-language agnostic way, and the task and intended architectural pattern should determine the right tool and programming language.
One of my intrinsic desires bourne out of my passion for software development is to mentor brilliant software engineers who will contribute immensely to the world. I have exceptional communication skills and a degree in Education and running an MSC in computer science.

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