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Vishwa Mohan


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Senior Software Engineer - LinkedIn

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Hello every one. I am here with the vision - “Every one deserves a job” . I am an IIT’ian by degree and a mentor by passion. I have worked for multiple MNC’s like Oracle, Amazon, Walmart, PayPal. I am currently working full-time for LinkedIn as Senior Developer. I have helped thousands of students/professionals in getting their dream job. I am very passionate about helping people realize their full potential.

Vishwa is the best mentor I have ever encountered in the software engineering field. He taught me how to improve my skills step by step and whenever I have doubts, he will explain it in detail, so I can easily understand. I'm glad that I met Vishwa, the mentor who unleashes my full potential.

Testimonial by Max from April 2020

I like the way he teaches and he's very supportive all the time. Soon, I'm going to start building real-world projects thanks to Vishwa.

Testimonial by Max from November 2020

Vishwa is great at explaining the core concepts and whiteboarding. He helped me how to think algorithmically. I am from a non-CS background, but after working with him, I can approach coding problems confidently.

Testimonial by Max from October 2020
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