Product Manager with 7 years of experience working in marketplace companies of all sizes and industry types: healthcare, e-commerce and travel. In the meantime founded two startups and successfully acquired founding for them.

My main strength is applying the Pareto (80/20) rule to all my work. This is especially useful to get much needed impact in large tech companies that unlocks new product and career opportunities. But at the same time it's an essential skill to every startup founder.

For the past 3 years I've been working mainly with data, business intelligence and machine learning based products such as recommendation engines, predictive models for operations optimizations and more.

I can offer advice on following subjects:
- Reviewing resume for a tech company
- Scaling yourself in workplace
- Entrepreneurship
- Product management in machine learning

What students say

"Wojtech is an experienced mentor who helped me get upto speed on a new PM role by keeping me focused on the why of the PM work. I would recommend him for your PM journey."
Aniruddha 'Andy', May 2021
5 stars
"Wojtek was incredibly helpful throughout my time with him. He was great at helping me look at the big picture when it came to personal development. His expertise in product was apparent as well as his ability to help me understand where growth opportunities existed. Additionally, he helped me see multiple perspectives when walking through problems. Very happy that we were able to connect and really had fun throughout our conversations. Thank you, Wojtek!"
Shreya, September 2021
5 stars

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