Yashish Dua

Platform Engineer - Postman

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Currently working as a Platform Engineer at Postman. I define me as a Fullstack Android Developer with an inclination in UX.

Skills: Android, Go, Node.js, React.js, React Native, Platform/Infrastructure, UI/UX

• Google Scholarship Recipient and Android Developer Nanodegree Graduate from Udacity.
• World finalist in Ericsson Innovation Awards 2018 held at Nobel Museum, Sweden where we built a machine learning powered app which lets you summarize policy documents.
• I have Founded Flada, an app which digitalizes visiting business cards and runs @productdiscussion where I interview experts from industry.
• Well-versed in React Native, a cross-platform SDK that is used to build apps for iOS & Android.
• React.js and Django/Flask
• Open source enthusiast and a community guy, who volunteers to organize Google Developers Group New Delhi.
• Writer at Udacity India and Mindorks (https://medium.com/@yashishdua)
• Public Speaker at Google Developers Group - New Delhi, Facebook Developer Circles Delhi-NCR and Women Who Go

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Engineering & Data PlatformInfrastructureAndroidGoLangReactPythonUserInterfaceUserExperienceOpenSource