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Abdulla Alshahri

Product and Strategy Consultant @ Startups
I'll teach you what they won't teach you at Product School!
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Best suited for: - SaaS builders - Aspiring product managers - Product manager career growth

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Hi👋 I'm a certified Product Manager with more than 10 years of experience. I have developed a wide range of projects for leading businesses or institutions. I also had my own startups, which I led through the complete product lifecycle from idea to implementation.

I am here to harness the transformative power of knowledge, guide individuals towards their highest potential. I'm all about helping people crush their goals all while keeping it real and having a hell of a good time along the way.

Welcome to my profile 🙂

أقدم خدماتي الاستشارية باللغة العربية أيضا

I am Abidal, TOP 1% Expert-Vetted Senior Startup and Project Consultant.

🚀 10+ years in Tech!
🎇 100+ pitch meetings with startups and VCs!
🥳 3x Business Founder (1 Exited)!
😎 Services for TOP-5 world leading companies
💫 100% client satisfaction

I am a collaborative and participative consultant who can professionally balance between making your team feel comfortable and making sure things get done. My extensive knowledge and experience help me meet the requirements exceed them.

I have certifications for:
✅ Agile Project and Product Management
✅ Foundations of Project Management
✅ Process Improvement

With hiring me you will get:
✔️ Feature delivery
✔️ Start-up guidance, coaching, and advisory.
✔️ Jira set up
✔️ Daily meetings
✔️ Project estimation
✔️ Backlog grooming
✔️ Scope refinement
✔️ One-on-ones for your team
✔️ Status and progress reporting
✔️ Roadmaps
✔️ Forecasting
✔️ Documentation set up
✔️ Scrum and Kanban best practices
✔️ Visual presentations
✔️ Budget planning
✔️ People management
✔️ Transparent communication
✔️ Wireframing
✔️ 360-degree management

♦ Are you looking for someone to lead your project but worry they will not invest your passion into the product?

♦ Do you have a website idea but don't know where to go with it?

♦ Are you looking for more than just a requirements/user story writer?

♦ Does the development team build features you don't think you ask for?

♦ Do you spend most of your time playing catch up and the development team is at a

♦ Do you want someone to lead the project and fulfill your expectations?

If you think you can relate or answer yes to these questions, we should talk!
Thank you for reading. Press Invite button on my profile and let's get your projects brilliantly managed!

أقدم خدماتي الاستشارية باللغة العربية أيضا


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5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
1 month

I have come to Abdulla for getting clarity on some of the career struggles i am undergoing at this point. He was able to make sense of the challenges during my very first call with him and helped me towards forming a solution. At every point of discussion, he not just listened but he also challenged my thinking and helped me to come out of the overwhelming situation. I genuinely enjoyed talking to him and I hope anyone approaches Abdulla for the career related challenges (or any of the services that he is providing), their time would be worthy enough.



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
1 month

Abdullah has been extremely helpful in helping me with my product role. Especially his data and analytics knowledge has been extremely useful in helping me get started with becoming better at product analytics



5 out of 5 stars

Lite Plan · 
1 month

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