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Frontend Engineer @ Coinbase

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Hi, I work as Frontend engineer for Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange of world. I am self taught developer and I am passionate about writing JavaScript, CSS, and React. Also, I love to teach Frontend.

I can help you in the following things:

- Writing production grade Frontend code.
- Best practices of writing JavaScript, CSS and React.
- How to get started with Frontend.
- How to crack Frontend interviews.
- Best resources to learn Frontend.
- How to build portfolio.
- How to take internships and jobs and build your way to top companies

What students say

"It's had been almost 3 weeks that i'm mentored by Abhishek . And his mentoring is top notch , beyond my expectation in every category(teaching, helping ,availability , so on ...) .He has top expertise in JS , and very good in explanation and always willing to share knowledge and tips with me on coding . He is always available , every time I ping it with issue he's there for answering me. In 2 weeks + I've learnt so much and will continue learning with him . I recommend it for everyone that are looking a true mentor with passion for teaching and that will help you to become a better programmer ."
Mohamed Assalla, May 2022
5 stars
"I have been mentored by Abhishek for 3 weeks now and he has helped me a lot since then. Not only his knowledge and experience but also his trustworthiness and his reliability have a huge impact to my mentorship with him. I highly recommend Abhishek if you want to accelerate your learning curve and want somebody to ask whenever and whatever you want. "
Hakan, May 2022
5 stars
"I've tried more than a couple of mentors in mentorcruise for my React/Node project and Abhi is easily the best option. He will ask you questions 1 day before the meeting so he can do his homework and prep the materials. He also solved my code issue efficiently by going through the problem and documentation together with me and make sure I understand the solution well so I can do it on my own next time. Highly recommended! "
Sherly, June 2022
5 stars
"amazing mentor, is always available to help and teach about our doubts, super professional. "
Christian, May 2022
5 stars
"Amazing mentor, very patient and understanding which helps us understand and grow as programmers. excellent !!!!!"
Christian, June 2022
5 stars
"Abhishek is a great mentor who understood my requirements and guided me well. He designed the learning path for me and he provides his guidance when needed. He also keeps me accountable for my commitment and I would recommend him for your learning journey :)"
Komal, June 2022
5 stars

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