Aditya Kolhatkar

Design Lead @ Moonraft Innovation Labs
6+ years building thoughtful user experiences
India Active 3 months ago


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Hi there, I'm Aditya Kolhatkar!

Currently, I work as an Experience Design Lead at Moonraft Innovation Labs. Previously, I have worked with Dassault Systèmes, Mindstix Software Labs and Persistent Systems. I'm focused on creating thoughtful user experiences with a combination of design, business, and technology.

For over six years, I have helped ambitious clients around the world to craft rich digital experiences using my expertise in user research, experience strategy and critical thinking. I am deeply passionate about human psychology, analysing complex systems and emerging technology.

I can share my perspective on getting started as a UX/UI designer, transitioning into UX from another role, potential career paths as a UX designer, portfolio creation + review, product strategy and literally anything along these lines!

Apart from design, I enjoy discussing art & illustrations, books, personal finance, investing, Web 3.0 blockchain, fitness & nutrition, sports and music.



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