Gareth Emery

Head of Design @ Benify
15+ years in Design, UX & Product Management
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Hi! I'm Gareth! 👋🏼

I'm a highly experienced multi-disciplinary designer with over 15 years of diverse experience. Throughout my career, I have worked in various settings, including agencies, in-house teams, B2B, B2C, startup, and SaaS. My extensive knowledge spans across e-commerce, marketing, branding, packaging and product design.

Over the past 6 years, I have led the design creation of two groundbreaking digital products: a data-driven digital marketing platform and a sophisticated product information management system (PIM). As part of my accomplishments, I have successfully established and led two dynamic design teams and implemented two design systems. Moreover, my contributions have extended to playing a pivotal role in the complete rebranding/branding of two Global, three Scandinavian, and numerous local companies.

As a board member of Malmö Design Network, I am proud to be part of an initiative led by design professionals for design professionals in Southern Sweden. Our focus is on fostering creativity and collaboration within the design community. We organise monthly design salons featuring inspiring guest speakers, engaging design drinks to facilitate networking, and host our own podcast, "Malmö Design Minds."

Beyond my involvement in the design world, I hold a strong passion for sustainability, eMobility, and technology. Over the years, I have made strategic investments in various companies working towards a greener future. These investments range from alternative energy storage and sustainability tracking to electric vehicles and charging stations. I have also supported organic, vegetarian fast-casual food brands, promoting conscious consumer choices.

My dedication lies in delivering innovative design solutions that not only drive business growth but also leave a lasting impact. By combining my design expertise with my interests in sustainability and technology, I strive to create memorable experiences that align with the values of responsible and eco-conscious practices.

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