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Adrien Mogenet

AI & Engineering lead @ Indeed.com
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I help people and organizations make impactful decisions.

When I work with engineering and data science teams, I'm especially interested in recommender systems, information retrieval, distributed systems, fundamental computer science problems, and large-scale data processing.

I serve as an advisor and am always happy to hear about non-executive positions.

I’m also researching and writing a book about what I call “Unpractical Decisions” to explain why some decisions are difficult. I propose solutions everyone can implement to decide more quickly and confidently. My approach can be applied to high-stakes decisions: building strategies, hiring for critical roles, tactical purchases, and cutting losses…. I’m leveraging my experience leading teams of engineers and data scientists, with whom I spent years generating value from data, to complement what other fields of decision theory can offer (Game Theory, Rational Thinking, Nudge Theory…).

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