Ajay Menon

Senior Product Designer, XR @ Autodesk
6+ years of experience in AR/VR/MR and UX/Product Design
Canada Active 2 months ago


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Experience designer for XR products. Thoughtful influencer, top-notch design thinker, humble team player, and techy drone flyer.

I have a dual background in design and engineering. I'm passionate about art, music, sci-fi movies, animes, visualizing ideas, and telling socially-relevant stories. With a unique blend of design, user-research, and technical skills, I've held various design roles at Autodesk, Magic Leap, BMW Designworks, Evolve Collaborative, Xtelligent.io, and at the City of Los Angeles.

Professionally, I consider myself to be a multifaceted and flexible designer drawn to challenges touching on AR/VR, mixed reality, transportation, logistics, aerospace, or any complex user experience problem. I value research, visual design, prototyping, and accessibility. I take pride in my ability to ask insightful questions, navigate ambiguity, visualize ideas & concepts, discover extreme edge cases, and push for minimum viable solutions during the design process. I also support my teams by connecting ideas and inspirations from various industries, realms, and mediums of interest, and nudging others towards alternative approaches.

I'm currently based out of Toronto, Canada, and I've previously lived in Los Angeles, Portland, and Fort Lauderdale in the US. Through multi-city living and years of local & global travel, I've developed a unique perspective of the world and people that shape my approach to design & problem solving. I fundamentally believe that design can improve people's lives, transform companies and change culture. I also believe that there is rarely a single path or solution to any problem. Inspiration can strike at any moment and it can truly come from anywhere, depending on how you look at the world around you!

I'm here to help you overcome your issues as a (future) Product Designer, and make sure you have a stellar resume. Of course, I'm also happy to consult on your Product and help you craft just the right vision, and strategy and prioritize your backlog.

Do you need any assistance I can help with and is not listed as a service on this page? Reach out, I'll try my best to help! :)

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