Aleksandra Szatan

Senior UX Researcher and Consultant @ Self employed
3 years of experience in UX Research, 10 years of experience in research
Poland Active 7 months ago


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Hi, I'm Ola Szatan, which means Satan ;) Senior UX Researcher and Consultant with 3+ years of experience in UX and +10 years in research in general (market research, ethnographic research). I'm also freelancer and digital nomad, who works independently while travelling. I cooperate with startups, global brands and the biggest companies in Poland.

In mentoring sessions, I'm helping aspiring and fellow UX researchers and designers, as well as people who want to build a freelance career or land "work from anywhere" job to become digital nomads and travel the world.

-I helped UX researchers, copywriters, designers, consultants to discover their values and skills, to develop their careers, land a dream job, career transition and start a new business.

-I have been working on the agency and product side, cooperating with designers, UX researchers, developers, business owners, upper management in the industries like finances, media, med-tech, fem-tech, medicine, e-commerce, insurance and wellness.

Is this mentoring for you? Let's check!

Dear aspiring/fellow researcher, do you want to…

-Change your career to UX research
-Land your dream job
-Set your goals and craft a career plan to achieve them
-Create great CV or portfolio
-Prepare for job interview, whiteboard challenge or home task
-Develop your research skills and mindset
-Build research authority in your organization
-Solve your current research problems
-Level up your career
-Get feedback to your research interviews, research plans and guides.

Dear free spirit or traveler in heart, do you want to…

-Discover your skills and learn how to use them to build your freelance career
-Kick-start your freelance business
-Get new perspective and find new possibilities
-Craft your CV and portfolio to attract remote first companies and clients
-Prepare for your digital nomad life and learn what to take care of

If any of those describe you, I can help.

Let's connect and tell me what you want to achieve!

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