Alexander Cannon

Head of Engineering @ MDRxTech 14+ years experience in software engineering
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Nice to meet you, I'm Alexander 👋🏻

I grew up with a software engineer for a father and a company founder for a mother. I have been working in software for 14 years, and held just about every job title there is.

Having progressed up the career ladder, founded two companies, and found work based on my reputation I want to share my skills and experience with people who are looking for a leg up or a chance to learn.

I can help you with:

• Learning the fundamentals of coding

• Building with web technologies (React JavaScript, Node, Python, HTML, CSS)

• Hands on pair programming, to help you with startup or your idea

• How to look for jobs, and how to succeed at interviews

• How to get better at your day job, productivity hacks and pitfalls to avoid

• Learning how to learn, and building habits to make you a better developer

I am happy to help anyone who wants a career in software engineering, data science or a related field, especially if you feel like you're an outsider in the industry.



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