Alexandru Năstase

Senior Multidisciplinary Designer @ Google

Hello there 👋 ! I’m Alex, a senior multidisciplinary designer at Google & design consultant for numerous other businesses. My experience in design goes back to 2005, so almost 16 years of experience.

I’m actively mentoring many other designers from other spaces that want to step up their game or are at the beginning trying to get their foot in the door. My students can be found in internships from smaller companies to larger, more global ones like Twitch.

My experience ranges from:
1. Branding & Identity
2. Print Design & Editorial Layouts
3. Websites
4. Native Applications(Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop)
5. Product Design which includes UI & UX to Experimental Environments
6. Typeface Design
7. Project Review that leads to visible improvements
8. Portfolio Audit

I’ve done end-to-end digital products but also designed interfaces for physical products such as the Fitbit Charge 4, Fitbit Luxe, and recently the Fitbit Charge 5. I’ve dealt with client workshops, concept, and strategy, user research and usability testing, visual design, and development supervision to ensure quality.

I believe in the precious value of time so I tend to be very methodic, honest, and upfront, always offering a sincere answer or review. I’m execution-oriented and put a lot of value on craftsmanship.

I look forward to helping you push on and be more confident in your decision-making process but also to get you unstuck and back on track if needed!

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