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Andrei Gavrila

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Andrei Gavrila 

Agile Coach. Head of Products Development - Pentalog
Personal Chat To-Dos Projects & Challenges 1-on-1 Calls Hands-On Support

Hello! I'm Andrei!

I am an Agile Coach and Development Manager with 14+ years in the custom software development industry and if you are a Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach, or Agile Leader looking for a mentor I'm glad you are reading this!

Because in the last years I helped more than 40 people in those roles getting significantly better at what they do 🚀🚀.

Here are some things...

Business & Management AgileScrumScrum Master
7 Day Trial Romania Romania
$150 /month
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Cristiana Pruteanu

5 spots left

Cristiana Pruteanu  New Mentor

COO - Selfkey
Personal Chat To-Dos 1-on-1 Calls Hands-On Support

Cristiana has been leading remote tech and marketing teams for over 12 years. She is specialized in working closely with founders and CEOs for building scalable systems and processes as well as strong remote or mixed teams.

Cristiana is currently the Director of Operations at SelfKey, the leading organization in blockchain based identity management solutions. At the same time she is consulti...

Business & Management remote culturebuilding teamssetting kpi
7 Day Trial Romania Romania
$240 /month
one-off sessions starting
at $69
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Postolache Alin

Postolache Alin 

Android Engineer - betafocus
3.0 stars
3.0 (1 review)
Personal Chat To-Dos 1-on-1 Calls Hands-On Support

I've been an Android developer for over 10 years building apps for different startups or for myself. I've always been interested in building high quality apps by making sure the code written is easily maintainable, clean and following the latests Android guidelines.

Another key aspect I'm really interested in beside writing high quality code is the finding ways to increase the rate of succes...

Engineering & Data AndroidJavaKotlin
7 Day Trial Romania Romania
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Monica Badiu

4 spots left

Monica Badiu  Quick Responder

Marketing consultant - Growth Architect
Personal Chat To-Dos Projects & Challenges 1-on-1 Calls

I help business owners find their growth formula so they can have the growth and visibility they dream of. I specialize in business growth, copywriting, marketing, and brand storytelling for entrepreneurs who want to take control of their own lives and build a legacy that will last long after they are gone. I am a mom-in-training with an insatiable curiosity for paper art, psychology, and all t...

Product & Marketing Email marketingSales CopywritingCRO for ecommerce
7 Day Trial Romania Romania
$80 /month
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